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Embracing community

I'm a hermit. I'm well aware of that. When you have such pleasure enjoying your own company, it can be challenging to come out of your shell and, well... socialize.

Nevertheless, as humans, the main way in which we learn, grow and remember is through and with each other. Solitude matters. But so does community.

Interactions can bring so much joy and light into our lives. We learn so much. At the end of the day, we are all mirrors of one another, reflecting our true selves in each other. Sometimes we don't like what we see, that is true. But even then, we have the extraordinary opportunity to grow from our shadows, forgive ourselves, evolve. Become what we want to become. Become who we truly are. Thank you to my dear friend -that is recent in this lifetime, but an old acquaintance from previous lives- for inviting me out of my shell and into this paradise where I've already met so many lovely people, surrounded by so much love. And I still get my alone moments, just like this magical golden sunset.

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