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Embracing Our Darkness

Life isn't just happiness and joy, no matter how many times social media tries to tell you the opposite.

The process of awakening within this terrestrial life, is also hard. To put it plainly, sometimes it just sucks. Big time.

Discovering the miracle that is life whilst dealing with the violence, cruelty, ignorance that is around us is devastating. More devastating is to realise that sometimes- many times, we ourselves tap into that denser vibrational fear that we thought we overcame and become terrified. Am I regressing? Was all the pain for nothing? Am I a fake?

Accepting that the path in this awakening journey is turbulent, rocky and often just pure sad is one step forward. Embracing that the only way to overcome it is by reaching into our hearts and finding humility and forgiveness is another step.

It's ok to feel angry, disappointed and disillusioned. It' ok to feel scared. That is why we are human. To learn from these feelings. Grow from them. Expand and Create.

For all the New Age glitter, all the meditational hymns, retreats, gurus and witch craft, yoga and pilates, mantras and alternative medicine, if you don't forgive yourself for feeling sad, bitter and angry, then how can we rise up from that darker space?

Yes we are all light. But we are also darkness.

And it's ok.

Whether you consider yourself awakened or are still unfamiliar to it, it always helps to reach out to a friend (I call them angels) and ask for help and guidance. For me, the hardest is to accept help as I'm too ashamed and embarassed.

I always remind myself when I feel any kind of darkness within me, that it is not during the day that we see the stars in the sky. It is during the night.

The magic comes when we undersrand that we are not the darkness but the Universe, a place of love and creation surrounding the darkness, where it peacefully lives fullfilling its divine purpose.

Darkness is part of the journey. Fearing it is part of the process.

It is a long journey this Awakening.

And so it be.

With love, Gonçalo

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