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Self-Care. Self-Love. Self-Service

As I expand my consultations to more and more people, I realise how disconnected from the self we all are. And how so much of it stems from lack of self-kindness.

I received a beautiful e-mail from a consultant a few weeks ago, thanking me for a session we had done a couple days prior. She was still processing the information, she stated, yet was becoming aware of how much it (unexpectedly) resonated with her and how much power she had inside herself yet to discover. The power to heal. The power to evolve. The power to be happy.

True power- real power- comes with kindness. Authenticity. Care. Love. Not just towards others but most importantly, towards ourselves.

For what we give to ourselves will always shine through to others, whether we are aware of it or not. It is the law of nature.

Self service doesn't mean spending masses of money because you want to. It is often in the simple, unexpensive things.

Cooking your favourite meal. A solo trip. A walk in the park. Dancing in your room. Your favourite chocolate. A candle-lit bath. A break. Saying No.

This journey of finding our own truth must be supported by infinite moments of genuine self care, as small and insignificant as they may seem.

Just as the world is made up of small things... So are we.

Self-love. Self-service. Self-care.

Be Kind to yourself.

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