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When we feel like the universe is conspiring against us

If you feel like the universe is draining you, kicking you, pushing, pulling and shoving you, well...

It's because it is.

Observe where it's draining, kicking, pushing, pulling and shoving you towards:

That's where you need to be now.

We are living in a dimension where us, humans, tend to learn mostly from suffering. That's when we get it. But we are so scared of pain that we run away from it as fast as we can, without even looking back. But whatever is the root of that pain, if not faced, observed, embraced, understood, forgiven and released, it will just keep on stalking us (whetther we are more aware of it or less).

So the universe needs to push and pull us and sometimes just outright smack us in the face. It needs to do this so we can pay attention. Stop. And listen.

The universe never conspires against us, for as much misery and unhappiness we feel. It is us that most times do not feel worthy of its gifts and lessons so we run. And run. And run. We might even hide for years, centuries and many lives. But it always catches up with us.

The universe never conspires against us. It always conspires FOR us. The reason is simple.

We are the universe.

With love,


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